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Enjoy the Drive, Nebraska

Over 97,000 miles of Nebraska roads, highways and bridges help communities of all sizes to prosper. They help kids get to school, take fans to Husker games, and provide a safer drive for families, businesses, farmers, and anyone just visiting or passing through. 

When our roads are in good condition, everyone is a safer driver. We all depend on our roads for a vibrant economy and believe in better roads for every Nebraskan.   

Road Realities

Amount per gallon we pay in the gas tax. And every cent goes to road repairs!


Of bridges in Nebraska are over 50 years old and we need funding to improve them.

Average spent on car care each year per Nebraska motorist due to driving on deteriorated roads.

The state of our fuel tax = the state of our roads


Price changes at the pump are due to gas tax.


Price changes at the gas pump rise and fall, but the gas tax does not.

Each dollar spent on road, highway and bridge improvements:

Helps maintain your vehicle

Cuts road construction costs

Improves traffic patterns

Reduces vehicle emissions

Minimizes commute delays

Better fuel consumption

Creates state jobs

Lowers fatality rates

Improving our roads and bridges boosts the economy and creates a constant stream of jobs in the market.

Learn more about these lucrative and plentiful careers.

The Reason Foundation rates Nebraska state highways 12th best in the nation, ahead of neighboring states including Iowa, Wyoming and Colorado.

Learn why.

Road maintenance didn’t rest when the pandemic hit, Nebraska construction crews were able to keep our state’s roads maintained and drivable.

Learn more about safety measures the industry is taking to keep our workers and the public safe.

Better Roads NE is an effort by AGC Nebraska Chapter and concerned Nebraska citizens to ensure the integrity, safety and conditions of our roads. Our highways, byways and bridges connect us to our family, friends, schools, churches, jobs and other people and places we deem important. They allow communities, big and small, to grow and prosper. By putting in the necessary work to keep our roads in the best shape possible, we can confidently allow them to lead us to where we want to go.

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